Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Arnason sees end of line with Avs (Thank you, thank you, thank you!)

Mar. 20, 2009
By Aaron J. Lopez
When a season goes bad, the fingers start pointing like compass gone haywire.
The needle spins toward the coach one day, the general manager the next. Naturally, the guys on the ice also must shoulder their share of the blame.
Few players in the Avalanche dressing room know this better than center Tyler Arnason, who has been labeled as everything from overweight to overrated to emotionally indifferent throughout his career. Read the whole story here

My thoughts: Arnason has indeed been a whipping boy for frustrated fans this season, with good reason. And frankly Granato has given him more than enough of a chance to redeem himself. The only reasonable explanation I can find for keeping in the line-up as much as he has is that the injuries to this team has forced him to do so. Still, even that is a questionable line of reasoning. T.J. Hensick has spent a lot more time on the bench than Arnason. Hensick has 18 points to Arnason's 22, yet Hensick has 52 games played to Arnason's 67. Simply based on the plus-minus stat, Hensick is also a more responsible defensive center. So why not give the youngster more ice time? In a season gone to pot, and everyone including Aranson knows that he will not be here next season, you really have to question why. Why waste your time trying to get passion and goals out of Arnason?
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  1. Quick note about the thoughts above. I predicted earlier in the season that Arnason will not even be in the NHL next season. I stand by that prediction. It’s not that I don’t wish him well. I just don’t think he is going to get a call from the big boys. Maybe a career in Europe.

  2. Disagree, i think some team will give him a chance, but not until after a team is plagued by injuries.

  3. In Lopez's story, Arnason indicates he expects a call for his services on July 1st or 2nd. NO WAY he gets an offer on day one.
    He may get an offer on OCTOBER 1st, but not July 1st. And yes, it will be a team with injuries.