Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roy an American Idol?

Roy wants to be sure that when his son hits the stage on American Idol, he is there for every moment of it. St. Patrick's son has dumped hockey for a singing career. I bet if he pummels Simon Cowell's head to a pulp people will forget all about that ugly incident on the rink.

While I was a huge supporter of hiring Roy for any job he wanted with the Avs, I'm not really disappointed that he is now out of the running. I felt all along that the hype was at least as great as the risk. So it would have been an interesting ride, but it could have been like watching a train derail in slow motion. And we have seen enough of that this last season.

So where do the Avs go from here? Pierre Lacroix doesn't really have a pattern of hiring recycled coaches, Granato being the arguable exception (because I think Giguere made that call). Quenneville's stint with the Avs was only his second head coaching job.

Is it time for another no-name from a windshield factory to take over this team? Is it still Granato's? It seems clear that it is not. If Granato wants to continue to garner the sympathy of the blogging and media world he should continue to sit at home, confused. Or he can be a man and demand an end to this. Problem is, he has no power, I'm sure if he resigns, he forfeits the balance of the contract. So if you think he is being treated so poorly, just remember he will probably come out of this with a reassignment or two years of golfing, gratis.
It really is hard to say if Granato is a doormat or the loyal soldier. He certainly raised a few eyebrows when he gladly stepped aside for coach Goalie-Go-Round. I think Granato knows what is going on, and I suspect he is a willing participant. Call it the Cult of Lacroix-ality.

Random Ramblings

Due to my pesky job I had to wait all day to post my pithy thoughts about the current state of the organ-i-zation.

I make GREAT BBQ sauce.

Kane: Too little too late. But what a great player that kid is! I had hoped that the Hawks could at least hang around to wear down the Wings...
Helm OWNED the Hawks for 25 seconds on that penalty kill.

Detoilet fan stands up to get on camera more than any other fan.

Franzen: First he gets creamed at the blue line and then Huet robs him with the right pad, flung into the air in the last seconds of the 3rd. School the Mule, gotta take what you can get, I guess.

Crosby touched the conference trophy! Holy crap! I love it! This is also one of the few times of the year that players will discuss superstitions a little. Osgood admitted that they were not going to touch their trophy.

The Kult of Kroenke-ality: I'm actually watching the Nuggets.
I think I know why people like to watch basketball, it SO colorful! Bright blue and yellow! Beautiful wood floor! Almost makes you forget all that annoying squeaking.

Bird Watching: Chris Andersen is the bomb.

Mini Dater-Watch
Adrian Dater apparently spoke to Roy and "Roy confirmed he had an offer to coach the team, but whether there was an offer to have the vacant general manager's job as well was not addressed."
Dater has Roy on the phone and doesn't bother to ask about the combo deal?? After complaining loudly about his calls being ignored, and he doesn't ask THAT question?? C'mon man!
"...was not addressed"?? Well ADDRESS it Dater!
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