Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dater Watch - Bashing the Preds

Get rid of the Nashville Predators! Well, that is what Dater wants to do. So here goes Dater, pissing off everyone and his brother. It all starts here, Music City Off Beat For NHL
Puck Daddy jumps on it and makes some great points.
And then the Nashville blog, On the Forecheck gets rolling.
In other Dater Watch 'news' - I meant to bring up Dater's shilling for the Avs in his blog, HERE, acting as though something has changed at the Pepsi Center. The only thing going on here is a payment plan, big deal. Frankly when I have dealt with the ticket reps and mentioned anything about their payment schedule they were usually pretty easy about making arrangements. Lower bowl tickets would be "a little more expensive"...really? I don't call more than double, "a little more expensive". But hey, who's paying attention?
It is interesting to note that the Avs immediately put MY refund money on a payment plan the year of the lock-out. Granted, the premise was that at any minute a season was going to start. Though they probably knew better. Could I have got a full refund at any point? I don't recall, but possibly. And what about this whole Alumni night draw? Phooey! Sakic's night is one thing, but seeing Deadmarsh or whoever stand at center ice and wave to me, is that worth buying a ticket for? Naw, not really. The Avs should respect and chronicle the history of this team, no doubt. But will I buy more tickets to a winning, exciting team than I will to see broken-down old stars waving from center ice? Of course. Sorry, I know that is rough, but it's true.

-From the Point

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