Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool Beans! Avs beat the Bruins

This is a penalty...

...but this isn't? Ouch!

Andy stuck his leg out because he was out of position and was going to get beat on the wrap-around. Got that Norm Jones? Sheesh, I like Anderson too, but let's back off the love fest, not EVERYTHING he does is perfect, calm, collected, etcetera. Nonetheless, this team is looking, among other things, like a team. Did I see Clark high-five Andy after a bit of chaos in front of the net? Is it my imagination that these guys are doing the post goal-scoring hug with a lot more enthusiasm than I've seen in a long time? It's like real live camaraderie!
As a result, I think we are all seeing a team that is much more resilient than the team we saw last season. The Bruins, more than once, were comin' hard and knockin' on the doorstep. The Avs weathered the storms and stepped up their own game.
Some quick thoughts about the game today;
I like Foote as capt. but dude you aren't looking real stellar out there
Anyone want to start a pool for Duchie's first goal?
Stewart scratch...yeah, had to be done, but I still have faith in this kid
Galiardi will have an ache and pain for every good play he made, what a tough day!
Quincey and Tucker still looking good!
Sacco's post-game comments about O'Reilly...he's here to stay
David Jones looking good but lets wait a bit before promoting him to the first line
-From the Point

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