Sunday, October 11, 2009

Broncos OWN the Patriots

Well folks, a little short on pictures this week, despite bringing two cameras to the game, I ran the batteries dead on both of them before the halftime, and no, I didn't bring backup.
Finally! Shanon picks the winner! The flyover was three C130J's
This guy is a
This guy is rooting for the losers! HAHA!
The Broncos went all out with the 1960's theme, including showing a lot of jumbo tron graphics and even replays in black and white.
Even the tickets for this game were retro.
But nothing really prepared one for walking out of the tunnel to see this!!! Whew, these are really bad! Jabar Gaffney decided to twist his vertically striped socks. It didn't help much. Really, the guys looked like the court jester at a Renaissance fair.
B. Marsh working the ref for a favor?
Miles and mini-Miles!
The cheerleaders were retro too. Look at the size of those pom-pons!
Runnin' over the Pats!
One of few football pics I got before losing power.
Super fan!
Brady going down!

Orton avoids the rush.
Moss was a non-factor.
Brady looking concerned.
While I was going through my pics of Brady I noticed this guy in the back ground. Is he listening to Lady Gaga, or what? Shouldn't he be coaching or working? And he is looking at the crowd too. What a dope!
Dawkins and the Broncos will NOT be resting on their laurels. Next week the Broncos have a chance to take a strangle hold on the division.
-From the Point

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