Monday, March 2, 2009

Dater Watch

I would like to introduce our first installment of Dater Watch, where we will be keeping a close eye on Avalanche beat writer Adrian Dater.
Mr. Dater is the guy that I love to hate, hate to envy and...well...damn him, he gets to fly around on the same plane as the Avs. For that he will always earn my aggravation!!
I keep up religiously with Dater's blog, All Things Avs for obvious reasons. He has the pulse of the team. It is his place to give us ravenous fans a little bit of his opinion instead of just his completely unbiased journalistic dispatches from the rink.
Tonight we get the pleasure of laughing at Dater's blog. The title is "The Final Straw"
And with this post he put up the following picture.

Nice try Dater, but the saying is about that straw out in the fields, amber waves of grain, etc. So I send him a quick note : "Wrong Straw!" And he quickly changes it to this.

Ah yes! The straw that broke the camel's back. That is the final straw.

Unless of course you are a Snow Patrol fan.

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