Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dater Watch

Tonight's edition of Dater watch features a couple of posts where Dater breaks the news that Peter Forsberg is in Denver to do a surprise retirement announcement at the Avs/Wings game. This from what he says is a "reliable source".

The story begins to deteriorate as Dater posts that Avalanche PR man Jean Martineau is unaware of any such retirement announcement.
This is followed within the hour by another post announcing a false alarm.
This is followed by the two posts being deleted off the Post's website. That tends to crank some people off and since I managed to capture the posts I thought I would throw them up here.
I would assume that said source will no longer be considered reliable.
Forsberg to retire tonight in Denver?
Today, March 04, 2009, 7 hours ago Adrian Dater

Just learned from a reliable source that Peter Forsberg, along with his parents, are in Denver right now and that Forsberg will “make an announcement” at the Avs-Wings game tonight.
That announcement is expected to be that he will officially retire from the NHL.
I’ll have more on this as it develops. I talked to Forsberg’s agent, Don Baizley, about this just now and he didn’t want to offer a comment of any kind.
This would be the kind of appropriate game to make such an announcement, no?
*Avalanche PR man Jean Martineau just told me that he is “unaware” of anything in place for Forsberg tonight at the game, and did not even know whether he is in town or not.So, this is why I put the question mark at the end of the blog header. But I’ve talked to people who say they have eyewitnesses of seeing Foppa’s parents last night at a hotel, and that they are saying Peter will make an announcement of some kind.We’ll see if this happens or not, but as now the Avs are claiming ignorance.
No Foppa retirement tonight Today, March 04, 2009, 7 hours ago Adrian Dater Sorry for the false alarm folks. No Forsberg retirement announcement here tonight. While a retirement is likely to be official at some point soon, it won’t be tonight at the Avs-Wings game. Comments
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