Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dater Watch - Bashing the NBA

Well I guess I got scooped on this one. I usually jump right on Dater when he puts up something interesting in his blog, but I'll try to blame this on the fact that my motherboard decided to burn out this weekend. Closer to the truth is probably that I had no idea this was going to get people so riled, because I just laughed about it and nodded in agreement. Oops.

Dater went off on the NBA and what I should have known was going to peeve a few people: ripping on a woman announcer. Here is the now deleted blog post from The Denver Post, I did capture it in my RSS feed so this is a cut and paste.

NBA: Unwatchable
Saturday, May 09, 2009, 4:59:30 PM Adrian Dater

I just tried watching 10-15 minutes of the Nuggets’ Game 3 against Dallas. That should about complete my NBA viewing quota for the year. Absolutely god awful.
There was a foul on, I’d say, 95 percent of the possessions I watched - a stretch in the third quarter. Every trip down the floor - a foul, followed by whining, followed by an out of bounds play or a free throw.

The announcers were awful. Some female was doing the color. Sorry, I’m a chauvinist on this one. How many women play in the NBA? Zero you say? Oh. So why is a woman doing the color analysis for the game?

I’ll stick with hockey, and every other sport in the universe over the NBAwful. Thanks, that’s all.

The bummer is that Puck Daddy linked Jerseys and Hockey Love in his highly popular blog. Jerseys and Hockey Love got on this one before I did. Now, even if I had been on the ball this weekend I doubt I would have got the link, but it sure would be nice to get some traffic going around here. So I'll just keep plugging along.

I think one reason I started this Adrian Dater Watch feature is because Dater has such a propensity for saying stupid things in his blog. The man has a bit of a filter problem. Not that I don't get that, I do. In fact I like that he goes off every once in a while. I can identify with it. I have had the same tendency myself and it often elicits, at minimum, a baffled look from the people around me, sometimes the "stare at the floor or ceiling" act and sometimes I actually get myself in trouble. All because I said or did something before my filter kicked in.

Frankly I agree with Dater about the NBA, it's really not very interesting. I kind of enjoy listening to people bash the NBA, the fact that Dater put it in a very popular blog makes it all the better. As for his comment about the female color commentator, well, it's just his opinion. He doesn't like it and said so, but the timing and the content of the post were poor. He should have known (and maybe he did) that ripping on a female announcer wasn't going to go over well with a lot of readers and the editor. But perhaps worse is that Denver is in the middle of a building crescendo of fan support for the Denver Nuggets.

This town has seen the Avs hit bottom, the Broncos plateau at mediocrity and the Rockies still stink. The town is ripe with bandwagon fans and the long suffering and loyal Nuggets fans are finally seeing a team play past the first round of the playoffs. So bashing the NBA at this moment in time was a major gaff.

Or...just a good way to ensure that readers keep coming to a blog that is about a team that started playing golf weeks ago. What's wrong with a little conspiracy?
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  1. Well, according to the latest Dater blog, he 'loves' b-ball! Probably was sent to the game by his boss! hehe

  2. Now, even if I had been on the ball this weekend I doubt I would have got the link, but it sure would be nice to get some traffic going around here. So I'll just keep plugging along.Keep posting, i'm reading!