Monday, May 4, 2009

Could Martin Biron be an Avalanche?

Don Brennan at the Ottawa Sun is 'reporting' that there are some rumors that the Philadelphia Flyers are interested in Ray Emery. This could be good news for the Colorado Avalanche. If the Flyers are ready to part ways with Martin Biron, the Avs should move in that direction. Biron will be an unrestricted free agent this year.

Biron is coming off a 2 year deal at 3.5 M. Seems to me that price maybe depressed by two factors, the fact that the Flyers are willing to let him go and the apparent reluctance of GM's across the league to pay out too much salary with the fears of the salary cap being reduced. But at the same time Biron may benefit from the same situation that Theodore did this last off season. A shortage of quality goalies at reasonable prices on the free agent market. So it's kinda hard to predict what kind of salary Biron may command.

I think Biron is a pretty good, affordable goalie. Statistically he fared well this year, certainly better than Jose Theodore or Peter Budaj, the Avs goalies for the past 3 seasons.
Another reason I like Biron is that he can't be accused of being the product of a dominantly defensive team system. The Avs can keep Budaj as an affordable backup.

Certainly Biron will not come as cheap as this seasons line up of goalies. And the Avs are facing some cap challenges. But some how they are going to have to find a way to pay a decent goalie. Of course the defense is going to have to improve in front of the goalie. But to a degree, I believe that a step up in goal tending can elevate this defense to a more respectable level, and in return, produce better goal tending. Or maybe I'm just dreaming.

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