Friday, March 27, 2009

Dater Watch - Where Have I Seen This Before??

The real inspiration for posting the "Dater Watch" is an "incident" that began one year ago, today. And yes, it is still bothering me, I'm holding a grudge. I've got a chip on my shoulder, I'm feeling the resentment. Got it? Good.

I thought I had a pretty smart idea for hockey broadcasts. Why don't the intermission interviews ever involve a goalie? So I emailed my question to Dater's mailbag at the Denver Post. Dater did answer it, on Mar 27th, 2008.

Here is the link, (the link went dead the day I published this, it may be that the Post archives stuff after exactly one year, maybe, but I can't find this in the archives either) it's the second question from last. So here is a screen shot instead.

Basically Dater tells me it probably will never happen. Ok, fine.
On August 12th, 2008, Yahoo! and Greg Wyshynski in his Puck Daddy blog did another installment of "5 Ways I'd Change the NHL", and this was Adrian Dater of the Denver Post and his 5 ideas. Here is the link
Look at #3...hmmm...that sounds pretty familiar, interviewing goalies between periods.
I decide I wouldn't jump to any conclusions, lots of people have probably thought of this before. But the timing was bothering me a little. And the fact that Dater replied to my question with a pretty definitive negative. Then he suggests the same thing.
So I emailed him and asked him about it. Frankly I don't have the emails anymore. But I do have a distinct recollection of the content in general.
I didn't accuse him of stealing my idea. I even gave him an out to say he had thought of it before the mailbag. Instead of taking the out I offered, he simply said "those are the breaks, kid" like we were in some 1930's movie. Said something about how he would throw some credit my way in a future blog post. So he didn't deny it, and I never did see that nod in a post.
So, I've got my eye on you Dater.
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