Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dater Watch: Advocating Losing

Adrian Dater has lost his mind. His latest 'article' in the Denver Post appears to be an advice column to the Avalanche management.
Dear Dater,
We really suck as a team but just not enough to get the #1 pick. What should we do?
Secretly Signed,
Desperately Seeking "The One"
Frankly I think he just trying to get a little more action on the sports page. Because lets face it. You can make a definite link as follows; Avs losing = less interest in the team = less people reading about the team in the local paper. So...did Dater's boss tell him to write an inflammatory piece to get the attention of the faithful? Even if FG or TG told the guys to tank it, how many do you really think are going to go out there and try as hard to lose, as they do to win? Men that play hockey do not reach this level of competition with that sort of mentality. Impossible.
Sports blog "Mile High Hockey" is also guilty of consorting with many advocates of losing. It is really rather disturbing to see so many fans of the Colorado Avalanche lose their way! Do they want to the Avs to be like other permanent losers?
If you advocate losing, your reality will meet your expectations. And then you think you can go back to a winning mentality like flipping on a light switch?
No, I have my doubts.
Would I like to see Tavares here? Sure. But this is loser talk is NOT acceptable.
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  1. I've got to disagree with you. While I still cheer for the team to win, I continue to root for the teams (like the Thrashers, Lightning, and Coyotes) to win as well, in hopes the Avs get the better draft pick.

    But I completely understand the sentiment that the Avs should tank, In the long run of the team, it would be better if they were to get a top-2 draft pick. People who are rooting for the avs to lose are still rooting for the team to do better, just with a "one step back, two steps foward" mentality. It's understandable.

  2. Fair enough. I've seen your general approach to the whole thing. You don't root for them to lose! I agree with you, it's bad mojo.
    And thanks for the link!

  3. I would hope no one on the team would choose to lose a game. As you stated, that is a bad frame of mind to fall into.

  4. Ohhh... you know I agree with you! Tanking it is just the "easy way" out for people who don't want to invest the time in turning the team truly around. It's pathetic. And more -- it won't work, because even just one Ovechkin can't turn a team around. Hockey is a TEAM sport.

    Thanks for backing me up with Brett the socialist... that guy was a d*ck! Keep checking up on us at and keep posting the good hockey blogs!