Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Colorado Avalanche 2009-2010 Season Prediction Part III

We are back to make more predictions and this time I brought the Avalanche Tarot Cards to help us see the future of the season. But to get this started off correctly, we should all dim the lights, light some incense and sincerely (yet softly) chant the following:

I took a black cat, a cave bat, and threw them in a pot pot, pot pot, pot pot.

I took a blue snake, a green snake, and tied them in a knot knot, knot knot, knot knot.

I took a hog jaw, a dog's paw, and hung them on the line line, line line, line line.

I took a horse hair, a green pear, and made a crazy sign sign, sign sign, sign sign.

I'm castin' my spell on you, I'm castin' my spell on you...

Thank you Johnny Otis, for those mojo-powerful lines!

Ok, ready?

Well that wraps another 2009-2010 season prediction. The Shocker obviously wasn't buying the Peter Budaj MVP prediction, though I don't really know what the heck was saying there at the end, but anyway. And how about TJ Hensick as the surprise player for the year? The cards are bold and careless with the future! But I don't think it's too bold to predict that Matt Duchene will be the rookie of the year, maybe even for the whole league!!! Hey, Don Cherry believes in him.
-From the Point, The Shocker and Gooseberryland

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