Thursday, October 15, 2009

Colorado Avalanche @ Montreal Canadiens

I'm pretty excited about today's game. The only NHL game I've ever been to besides here in Colorado was at the Bell Centre. It wasn't against the Avs, they weren't in town. But I was in Montreal and was able to make a game, so why not? It was the Rangers that were in town and the fans were fired up! That place was as loud as I've ever heard The Can or Big Mac get in a playoff game, and this was a regular season game in January. A capacity crowd of 21,000 plus is going to make a lot of noise! Booing Jagr was a favorite endeavor through out the game.

The Bell Centre was hell to find and despite plenty of English in the Provence, the street signs are in French. That and the streets around the airport are just whacked! Somehow we found it despite looking for a building that looks like a traditional arena. That was half the problem, it looks like any other building in downtown. We just stumbled upon it.

The plan was to buy tickets out front. Ah the naivete, there were plenty of scalpers outside, but unlike my experience in Denver, these tickets were going for two and three times face value, not less than face value. The loser I eventually bought from didn't even know it was Rocket Richard pictured on the ticket.

Much to my girlfriend's delight, David Aebischer was starting in goal. But he got beat, giving up 4 goals on 34 shots. We wore our Avs jerseys to the game, was that a jersey foul? Hers was an Abby jersey, so that was probably ok.

Interesting thing about beer sales at the Bell Centre, you could get a lid for it. Smart idea for getting through the crowd and into your seat with no spillage! Odd thing was that I saw a lot of people just leave the lid on and drink it through a straw. Beer through a straw? Um, no.

If you ever get a chance to go to a Habs game in Montreal, do it. The arena is great, so much history, pictures everywhere, it's practically like a museum. We got there early and still didn't have nearly enough time to check it all out.

Trivia, what's a Hab, anyway?

-From the Point

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