Saturday, October 17, 2009

Colorado Avalanche @ Detroit Red Wings

I thought it would be fun to look up a little info on the Red Wings before the Avalanche play one of their biggest rivals (in the eyes of most of us Avs fans).
In 1926 the NHL added three new teams, one of which was the Detroit Cougars. No, not that kind of cougar! At this time the league consisted of ten teams and two divisions, the American and the Canadian. Both New York city and Montreal boasted two teams. The two that are still around today as well as the Montreal Maroons and the New York Americans.
During the 1928-29 season, Carson Cooper playing for Detroit, was the top scorer in the American division with 18 goals and 27 points. Detroit made the playoffs but was promptly dismissed by Toronto in two games.
For the 1930-31 season the team would change its name to the Detroit Falcons. Interest in the team was lacking and it had yet to crown itself "Hockeytown".

Ebbie Goodfellow in his spiffy Detroit Falcons gear would later be elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Ebbie led the American Division with 48 points.
The 1931-32 season would see the loss of two teams due to the hard times. Nonetheless the schedule was increased to 48 games per club. Detroit would finish 3rd in the division with 18W, 20L and 10 ties, and be eliminated in the playoffs by the Maroons.
1932-33 at the height of the Depression owners put a cap, yes a salary cap of $70,000 on payrolls with a $7,500 limit on individual players. Ticket prices were reduced, top dollar seats were $3.00 and the cheap seats were a mere 50 cents. Former player, Jack Adams started coaching in Detroit where the team would finally become the Red Wings. The Red Wings would go on to a 25-15-8 record, a tie with the Bruins, but place second in the division on the tie-breaker. In the playoffs, Detroit would avenge last years loss to the Maroons and advance to meet the Rangers, but fall short to the eventual champs.
1933-34 would be the first year that Detroit would make it to the Stanley Cup finals, but losing in four games to Chicago.
The 1934-35 season for the Red Wings was a poor one and they finished last in the division.
But the 1935-36 season saw the Red Wings finishing first in the division and they would advance to the Stanley Cup playoffs to meet the Maroons once again. Game one was a long affair, the goalies kept it a shut-out though regulation and through five periods of overtime. With 3 1/2 minutes left in the sixth OT, "Mud" Bruneteau put the puck in the net. The Red Wings would eliminate the Maroons to face the Maple Leafs and in a four-game effort, win the Stanley Cup.
...and that's just one of many reasons why we love to hate them...
-From the Point


  1. Man, I hate the Red Wings. Hate. Really, I do. I can't stand watching them. I went to a game at the Joe, and when they beat the Capitals, I was angry all night long. But I will watch this game, because there is always hope. And if the Avs win, I will be smiling for a long time.

  2. Too bad thats not gonna happen bud. The Red Wings will rock the shit outta the Avs. Theyre a far superior team. besides the Avs are terrible you fairy

  3. Well I'm so glad someone from Michigan Technological University came by the blog, anonymously, to rag on Avs fans. You're all guts dude.
    I see from my tracker that it took you FIVE tries to leave a stupid comment, so stick with school 'bud' even if you do get lost on the way at least once a week.
    Did you happen to look at the standings before posting that comment?

  4. Red Wings are the shit. . .

  5. Red Wings ARE shit
    Fixed it for ya
    And you, in Colorado, for shame!