Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RING OF FIRE 34: JUDGMENT DAY - Broomfield Event Center

On Saturday night the Broomfield Event Center hosted a 13 bout MMA event. Since I have never been to a live fight, The Shocker and I decided this would probably be a lot of fun. Oh, and this is a Real Sport so of course I need to give it a little coverage here.
The cage was on the floor surrounded by tables that were selling around $100 a seat and appeared to include catering. More floor seating was situated around the tables and the whole floor seemed sold out. We got a couple $55 seats just 3 rows up off the floor, just a little off-center to the cage and high enough to see the the ground work.
I wouldn't say it was a complete sell out, but it was well attended by a variety of tatted up dudes with serious muscles and a lot of women in high heels, sportin a lot of cleavage.
We got there a little late but it seemed to have started on time. The 6 preliminary matches all went the full 3 rounds and were decided by the judges. These guys were decent and got the crowd warmed up as the tables filled with the fashionably late.
Sir Kenneth Seegrist got the undercard rolling with his showy entrance and brawling style. That one was over shortly after Sir Kenneth gained position over his opponent and began pummelling him with body punches. Apparently a rib was broken as Ed Banks quickly tapped out and looked to be in a lot of pain.
Here is where I think the event was well run; the fights came quickly, one after the other without too much time in between, but plenty to get another beer. When the fighters get down on the mats or behind the obstruction of the cage padding, there was some pretty good camera work being broadcast up on a big screen at one end of the arena, as well as on the scoreboard. They did miss one important submission hold that ended a fight, and there wasn't even a replay from a good angle, so about half the arena never saw it.
Where they really blew it was the clock. The rounds, as we all know are timed. No clock, anywhere. Your fighter is getting a little tired and you want to know how much longer he has got to go to get through this round? Forget it! No clock to be found anywhere. Big mistake.
Ok, even though the undercard started late, the whole thing was wrapped up by about 10 because all the other fights were fast and furious! And that was ok. It was some good, exciting MMA action with plenty of work on the feet, a couple TKO's and some surprisingly quick submission holds ending the work on the ground. You can't look away for a second or you can miss it. I think that is what makes MMA so popular.
Overall a good event, well run and lots of fun. I would go again.
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