Monday, June 15, 2009

The Def Leppard Curse

Ha! So it took all the way to game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals to be sure that the Curse of Def Le‘Tard was actually going to bite them in the butt. But it did!

For those of us that were hoping for the demise of the Red Wings all season, well, it was a long season indeed. It looked as though it wasn’t going to happen. And why would it? Even Avalanche fans know that the Wings have built a quality hockey club. I figured that the Wings mojo was just too strong to be affected by some rock-n-roll dope making a mockery of the greatest trophy in sports.

But, of course I should have had faith that a trophy older than that franchise would prevail. Sure, they are an “original six” but that trophy is still more storied, by far.

In fact I never should have doubted it. I’m now sure that Mr. Stanley was just toying with the Wings. Letting them think they were off the hook. Stringing them along until THE VERY LAST POSSIBLE GAME OF THE SEASON!

And then…


The smack-down was unleashed!

NO ONE and I mean no one with an ounce of objectivity gave the Pens a chance to win this thing.

The only explanation is the curse.

May it continue for years upon years.


  1. The loss couldn't POSSIBLY have been the team's fault. No, of course not. Blame it on somebody else.

  2. Despite your sarcasm, you are correct. The Wings are too good, it wasn't their fault. It was clearly the curse. Look, it's on the internets, it must be true.