Monday, June 8, 2009

Pierre Lacroix the Despot

At the risk of being declared a Pierre Lacroix apologist, these comparisons to infamous and evil despots, is foolish. In the course of two days he has been compared to Vladimir Putin by Allan Muir of SI and the Chinese government by Dave Krieger at the Denver Post.

Hyperbole is common ground for many journalists, in fact Denver's Woody Paige loves to do this kind of garbage. Do you really think Pierre Lacroix is analogous to the Chinese government? To a country that has innumerable human rights issues? It’s a big, big world. Surely there are better analogies. While this is bound to get the comments going, it’s hard to take the articles seriously.

I have my issues with Lacroix. I thought offering Foote and Forsberg teensy-weensy contracts after the salary cap was implemented was a HUGE mistake. He should have just angled for one or the other.

Theo Fluery was a mistake. Robyn Regehr would be a cornerstone defensive guy in Colorado if that trade hadn't happened. On the plus side Chris Dingman was included in that trade and he and Scott Parker had one of the best (and shortest) training camp fights I've ever seen!

And Drury, well never mind. Those are just a few off the top of my head, but lets lay off the comparisons to political dictators.

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