Sunday, September 27, 2009

Denver spanks the Raiders

So just one week after the Denver Broncos organization put Shannon Sharpe into the ring of fame at Invesco Field, Sharpe picks the Broncos to LOSE against the Oakland Raiders. Thanks Shannon, couldn’t you at least lie to us? After you stood on the field in front of 70,000 cheering fans, CRYING, telling us how much that meant to you…and you can’t at least pick the Broncos to beat our most hated rival? It’s not like the Raiders are any good. I mean, if it was the Giants or the Steelers, fine everyone would accuse you of being a homer. But the Raiders? Jerk!
It’s a little difficult to hear the audio, but he says that the Raiders will be leading the division after the game.

Let’s do a little game recap. That first goal line attempt to score was like watching Dan Reeves call the plays. Good grief, give it a break McDaniels. The lucky INT was a chance for the Broncos to make up for it, fortunately, they did.
Brandon Marshall was in the game early. Good to see that, and ultimately that Orton was spreading the ball around quite a bit. That is usually going to result in positive results.
Speaking of positive results, Knowshon Moreno is looking pretty good. He doesn’t stop the legs despite the fact that guys are hanging off of him. He will keep pushing, twisting and turning, anything he can to keep going.
Interesting fact from the CBS crew, the Raiders lead the Broncos in the series, 55-40-2. Wow, as bad as the Raiders have been, the Broncos were worse back in the day, or at least worse, longer.
Second half: Correll Buckhalter is really finding the holes in the line and getting some good yards. Equally, the O-line is looking great after that disappointing opening fail. Marshall seemed to disappear in the second half until a great 24 yd gain for a first down in the 3rd quarter. Well, it’s halfway through the fourth and the Raider faithful are few and the empty seats are many. From here on out it’s just a matter of wrapping things up. And the Broncos had better enjoy the fact that they finished this game as early as they did. That is not likely to happen on the road ahead.

-From the Point

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