Thursday, October 8, 2009

Avs Hit the Road...Road hits Back

So much for going 82-0. Of course we knew that wasn’t going to happen, right? Riiight? There has been a lot of Avalanche Kool-aid drinking after those first two games. The Colorado Avalanche has the honor of being the visiting team for two club’s opening nights in a row! Nashville and now Chicago. That can make things tougher than they already are.
And how tough is it to make 35 saves a night? Just ask Craig Anderson. You just can’t expect a guy to make 35 save every freakin’ game. You’ve got to help him out. Tonight we found out that Anderson IS human! Hornqvist completely faked him out but Andy got lucky that the puck hit his skate AND that the refs made a distinct mistake on the no-goal call. Arnott did NOT make a distinct kicking motion, sure, he knew what he was doing, but I didn’t see the kick, did you? That should have been a goal. And I know it’s only three games in but, what’s up with Duchie? Is he starting to grip? He’s getting 2-3 good chances a game, great chances, getting a ton of ice time…this kid needs a goal.
I think Kyle Quincey is looking good and making me look bad, (I said he looked lazy in camp, well he did!!) it’s cool. If he keeps sending great outlet passes up the ice...yeah, it’s cool! The Avs haven’t really had that guy in a long time.
Defense, defense, defense. What’s with Foote giving it away up the middle!?!?!?! At least twice, whew…
McLeod getting more ice time that Wolski, not a good sign.
Stewart was invisible.
O’Reilly looking lost.
Rusty was rusty.
Kyle Cumiskey is so fast and looking better defensively.
Tucker is in the house!
The Duke still has those magic hands. Lookin’ pretty good on the PP.

-From the Point
Photos: AP

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