Monday, November 30, 2009

Five for Fighting Monday

Last year David Koci was with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Today the Colorado Avalanche will play the Bolts, but the subject of Five for Fighting Monday is the game later in the week. The Pittsburgh Penguins. David Koci fought a member of the Pens 5 times last season. Paul Bissonnette twice in one preseason game and Eric Godard on three different occasions. Here is the bout from the preseason, I chose this one because it got the highest rating at Frankly, looking through Koci's fight log you don't see many wins. I guess you could say he holds his own as often as not and that's about it.

It's odd to see Koci wearing 33, obviously that had to go when he came to Denver, looks like it could be his number of choice since I saw him wearing it on a couple different teams, maybe he wanted to be a goalie?
The Pitts game is the halfway point of the road trip. If the Avs are sucking maybe we will see that old tough guy, Marek "Slugger" Svatos throw down with Sidney Crosby! They are about the same size and it might be pretty entertaining! Ok, let's make it a two-fer today and watch Marek Svatos and Claude Giroux from last Monday. They drop the gloves in what was a surprise for fans and announcers alike! Watch for Chris Stewart at about the 20 second mark bangin' his stick on the boards. And the replay is worth watching because at 57 seconds you can see Svatos nod his head in an invitation to go.

You've got to give Slugger some credit for that one. He had been frustrated and I think it righted his ship for a bit. But obviously he can't (and won't) do that every other game to get himself fired up. Of note is several reports that that was his first fight ever, even according to Svats himself. Nonetheless, lists two more back in the day, but no video. Too bad.
Enjoy your Monday, enjoy your week and remember, if the week gets tough...throw down!

-From the Point

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