Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ian Laperriere has a tough day at the Office

Yesterday afternoon, Ian Laperriere took a slap shot to the face late in the first period of the game. The Philadelphia Flyers were playing the Buffalo Sabres when Jason Pominville let a slap shot go a mere 10 feet from Lappy. Due to the pokey-slow team doctors Lappy wasn't able to return to the game until the start of the third.
"We knew right away he would try to be back," Flyers general manager Paul Holmgren said. "He would have been back quicker if it wasn't for the doctors being so slow."
Never mind that he lost 4-7 teeth (depending on the source) and never mind that he needed 50-100 stitches. The man was ready to get back out there and play hockey.
You can read about in on the official Philly site or the CouriePostOnline.
Lappy was doing his job, as usual, blocking shots, but this one clearly didn't go where he thought it was going.
According to Flyers coach John Stevens his teammates were "shocked" at his return and "a little worried about him." Lappy played the third with a full cage and is expected to play tonight against the Atlanta Thrashers.
Lappy was physically unable to talk to reporters after the game due to a mouth full of gauze. I'm sure he will be cracking jokes about how it takes a slap shot to the teeth to actually shut him up for a while. That is once he feels better.
Get well Lappy!

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