Monday, November 23, 2009

Rooting for the Guy in Orange

Being a long time Bronco fan I’m used to rooting for guys in orange. The Broncos basically abandoned the orange in 1997, not that the fans did.
But now that Ian Laperriere is playing for the Philadelphia Flyers, I have no choice but to root for the guy in orange once again!
Lappy played in a Colorado Avalanche jersey from 2005-09 and in that time he became one of the biggest fan favorites this Avs team has seen in years. Of course guys like Sakic and Forsberg are obvious fan favorites, but the man we call Lappy is the lunch-pail guy that wins everyone’s heart and loyalty with his tough and smart play. With Sakic’s impending retirement the fans in Denver seriously talked about the value of Laperriere as captain. the rest of this post at

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