Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Avs 'Spirit" Jerseys and Dictator Quenneville?

So I'm watching the Avs on TV the other night and the during a commercial break they had an ad for the Colorado Eagles and they showed the cheerleaders...and I'll be darned with those Eagles Chicks don't look just like an Avs in a 3rd.  Haha, way to go Avs.  I've been trying to decide if I like these things or not and this isn't helping.  Neither is the fact that I watched the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Chicago Blackhawaks game tonight on Versus and the Hawks were wearing their very cool 3rd jerseys.  Very cool.

Tell me the Avs aren't wearing spirit jeresys, please say it isn't so.

Speaking of the Hawks game, anyone else catch these nutty fans with the coach "Q" banner?  This thing is huge!  I can't recall a player sign this big, I can't imagine this thing cost less than a couple hundred dollars!  Wow!  The best part is if the Cup doesn't come to Chicago, "Q" can take his banner to some small country, hang it up in town and declare himself dictator!  Sweet!

-From the Point

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  1. Ha, great take on the Q banner. I got some shots of it (and the jerseys, obviously) during the warmup. That game was worth the price of admission several times over (esp. since I somehow found a ticket for $13.50).

    Also, my irrational rage at the Avs for all those shootouts vs. Hawks has subsided a little, since tonight's was ELEVEN ROUNDS. I lost count in person...