Sunday, December 20, 2009

Broncos stumble into a black hole

Santa parachuted into Invesco before the game.

There was a moment of cheering for the Barrel Man just before kickoff. It was very appropriate considering the man and his legacy at Broncos games. The Barrel Man was well known for starting the wave at games and despite that most fans these days are reluctant to do that anymore, the crowd got into it

Santa's little helper?

Nutty Raider fan...

Hut hut!

Trying to strip the ball.


This shot pretty much sums up the game.

Broncos did a lot of kicking for 3 points. Too much in fact.

Bernie, the Avs mascot playing halftime games.


Don't worry buddy, the Broncos made your QB's look pretty good.

Again, no worries Raider fan, the new crowd isn't nearly as unforgiving as the old days.

Ya know, what to say about this game? The Broncos can't beat a team that has benched their starting QB, then late in the game the backup gets hurt and the aforementioned starter has to come off the bench and save the day. And he does! The Broncos made JaMarcus Russell look like the first rounder he is instead of the flop he has been 90% of the time.

If this is the team that hits the road in the playoffs, I don't need to tell you that the next trip will be home. For good.

-From the Point