Monday, December 28, 2009

Five for Fighting Monday - Adam Deadmarsh

Adam Deadmarsh edition.
Ah, another short work week, for most of us. So just remember, never underestimate the short ones, they just want to make you pay all the more, so in the words of Sammy Hagar: "Watch the left, watch the right, below the belt!"
The Avs paid tribute to Deader this weekend and he was admitted into the alumni association. Fantastic to see the Avalanche begin this process of honoring their past players.
Well, I thought I would post two videos here, the first is a bit of a downer, but I think it's important because I really think that Ed Jovanovski's KO of Deader was the beginning of the end for Adam.

Deader was out with a concussion after that fight. But he wasn't through with Jovanovski. Two months later Adam had his revenge. Jovanovski knocking out Deader is just another in a long list of reasons I do not like those damn Canucks. Deadmarsh had only 5 more fights the rest of his career and the continued concussion problems eventually led to his retirement.

Did you know Deader had a fight with Lappy as well as Ryan Smyth? Well I think that explains some of the off-season moves we saw this team make!!!
Deader was also the first of what has become a parade of prominent #18's to be traded away by the Avs. The others were Drury and Tanguay.
More trivia: ADAM DEADMARSH was misspelled as ADAM DEADMARCH. It was later corrected - a Stanley Cup first.

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