Monday, December 7, 2009

Five for Fighting Monday

Happy freakin' Monday, eh?
Well today the Colorado Avalanche play the St Louis Blues and that gives me the opportunity to present you with a great F4FM.
Today is Tony Twist day. Twist played for the Blues as well as the Nordiques. Cool, no?
This is a sweet tribute video, a bit long, but check out all the Quebec Nordiques footage as well as the expected St. Louis Blues footage. And there is no shortage of frightened opponents! Watching Twist fight makes my hands hurt, whew!
Twist is an interesting character. In his foreword to The Code he says he fought with malice, never fighting just to fight. Watch this tribute and I think you will be convinced. He describes the code as "civilized insanity" and I'm sure as hell not going to argue with the gentleman!

Remember, don't fight just to fight!
-From the Point

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