Monday, December 14, 2009

Five for Fighting Monday

Once again it's Monday! Don't let the week beat the hell outa ya.

This weeks Five 4 Fighting spotlight is on the Washington Capitals @ Colorado Avalanche. Mainly because I'm going to the game, woot!

So you want to fight Matt Bradley? Wow, this is a hell of a fight! I hope this game doesn't come to blows, and I certainly hope that the Caps don't use Bradley to swing the momentum cause it might work. Wait, yes I do hope the game comes to blows, and I also hope Jose Theodore is in goal so the Avs get a win! At the same time I expect that Alex Ovechkin guy to put on a show.

So Bradley fights like this? Koci is a lot bigger than Bradley so that may not happen, probably just as well. The Caps don't fight that much anyway.

-From the Point

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