Saturday, January 2, 2010

Great Christmas Story about Wojtek Wolski

from: Good4Sports Blog
by: Jennifer Haynes of CBC Sports
Next month’s Hockey Day in Canada on CBC TV Sports will feature a profile of Wojtek Wolski, of the Colorado Avalanche. It’s being produced by my colleagues Bryan Gardner and Jennifer Haynes. In this guest post, Haynes gives us a behind-the-scenes peak at a special shooting day from the production. Read on and leave a comment about athletes acknowledging their roots.
“The shot worth taking”

Any way I looked at it, our Christmas Eve shoot seemed like a long shot to go off as planned.

First, we needed to get an ice pad. Then we had to assemble over twenty kids, aged nine to 11, to take part in a Christmas Eve practice. We needed their parents to get them to the arena and cheer them on. And we had to have five or six volunteer coaches transport the kids’ hockey bags the night before, and supervise the practice. If that wasn’t enough, I still haven’t mentioned the key ingredient: one NHL superstar, who was back home to celebrate the holidays with family for just 36 hours. We needed him to give a talk to the kids, run the practice and present them all with gifts. It’s the kind of visit the NHLer has wanted to do for a long time, but has never been able to pull off before due to the demands of his schedule
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