Monday, February 22, 2010

Five for Fighting Monday

Today's five for fighting is sans video, for now.
For those of you that don't know, Frenchy and I work at the same place.  Our seemingly ever shrinking company is now shrinking office space as well.  Frenchy and I are now office mates. 
We call him Frenchy because he is French-Canadian.
I am American.
There will be tension in the office this morning.
Trust me.
Frenchy has been doing some pretty serious smack talkin' about that Canadian team for WEEKS! 
You know, that team that isn't getting the bye?
That team that everyone (Canadian & Adrian Dater) thought was going to HAMMER the USA?
Yeah, that team.
So if it comes to fisticuffs, I'll try to get it on video and post it.
All I can say is I value our friendship and I'll never forget that you taught me how to make poutine.
But if we gotta go, that's just the way it is!
I'll let you all know who wins this round of Canada vs. USA

-From the Point


  1. Watch yourself, you might have a Canada/USA rematch coming up.

  2. Yes, hopefully! That was good fun and it was interesting that Frenchy decided to go with the Brodeur Sucks angle instead of, hey, you Americans played well.
    So yeah, looking forward to kicking Looooooo's ass as well!