Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I’ve been wrong before. It happens. And most of the time I have no problem admitting when I’m wrong.

When the Colorado Avalanche traded Wojtek Wolski for Peter Mueller I was skeptical that Mueller was going to contribute much and I said as much. He had a nice rookie year and it been all downhill since.

So when he started racking up assists from the point on the Avs pathetic power play, I was happy. And for now you can say: wrong. And happy to be wrong.

Mueller has the right handed shot that the Avs have been missing all season, (never mind that Tom Preissing is in Lake Erie making $2M and shoots right) and Mueller and the oft-scratched Liles have been clicking on the number one PP unit since day one.


But please, let’s not get too carried away. Yeah, he’s got 8 points in the 6 games since the trade. So are we to assume that we can start doing the hockey- geek-math that so many like to do and come up with 26 points for the Avs since the trade?

Let’s go a step further and extend this 6 game analysis to next season. Oh! That’s a 109 point season! Wow, the Avs really pulled to wool over on the 'Yotes, eh? Idiots!

Look, Wolski had some painfully long dry spells and he’s had plenty of time to get his game more consistent. He didn’t do it. I understand the economics of the trade. The reality is that the Avs traded one streaky player for another.

Anyone ever consider that Mueller is on a hot streak right now?

The Avs didn’t acquire a point a game player, his #88 isn’t destined for the rafters. So put down the burgundy Kool-aid.

Know what else bothers me? Mueller’s attitude. The guy asked for a trade out of the desert months ago. So how long till he hits a dry spell in the Mile High City and Sacco sits him for a game or two? We all know Sacco will sit just about anyone to send a message.

Sure, a change of scenery is often good for a player, but it doesn’t change their personality. If Mueller quit trying in the desert, how long till that attitude surfaces here?

Hey, I’d love to be wrong, really…I would.

-From the Point


  1. While i would agree that we need to be weary of saying Mueller deserves to go into the Avalanche Hall of Fame, I would entertain the idea that he wasn't clicking in a system that had failed him. We've all seen Joe Sacco's ability to pull talent out of the young guns we have on the team and I would say Mueller can be included in the growing list.

    Every player has streaks, ups, downs, droughts, etc. But the way I'm looking at this is the kid wanted a trade, and now that he is somewhere else, he is excited to be playing again and is making the most out of his opportunities.

    An often overlooked point of the Wolski-Mueller trade is that the players (speculating in Wolski's case) weren't happy with their situation or needed a change to rekindle that offensive spark. That has obviously worked with Mueller so far and I'm excited to see where this goes. Wasn't he the 8th pick in the draft last year? The guy is talented. We just need to see where it goes.

  2. Hey, I love him on the PP. Looks great! Got no problem with that.
    But yeah, we really do need to wait and see. But i say if he puts up any less than his rookie points total next year, he's a bust.
    The thing with Sacco is: he's a hard-ass. Is that what Mueller needs? I guess we'll find out, but a lot of players don't respond to that style over time.

  3. Seriously? Did Mueller just score three points tonight? Well, I said he is on a streak!

  4. Nice take on Mueller Scott. Maybe I am drinking the kool-aid a bit too, but he is definitely exciting right now. I am loving the dynamic that he brings to the powerplay. His laser last night from the point is something that we have not had on our team in a while. Sure, he is not going to score a point per game over the long term, but he may contribute more than most people thought he would. I think he is too young to be written off as a bad attitude guy. Sometimes personalities just clash a bit, and a player can find his stride somewhere else. At least we did not sink a bunch of cash into the situation if the milk turns sour.

  5. Well so much for the Mueller streak. That was an ugly game (Flames).
    Yes, I hope that Mueller's trade request was just a personality clash and that he fits right in here in Denver.
    What I do like is when guys like Yip and Jones are back next year, Mueller will have to battle for a spot but he will push those guys as well.