Friday, July 9, 2010

Avs Under the Cap Floor? I’ve Got Just the “Ticket”

Last season the Colorado Avalanche organ-eye-zashun suffered some (more) disappointing and embarrassing attendance numbers. Many a story was printed about it and many an opinion was opined. Some Kroenke mucky-muck was terribly surprised at the lack of attendance and promptly went back to his corner office to try to figure it out. Or not.
This year I think the Avs are going to get serious about the situation. I think I’ve figured out the plan.
Let’s look at the attendance numbers for last season according to ESPN.
The Avs averaged about 14,000 chumps, er fans per home game.  That's bad enough without people like this young woman.
Anyway, that's 4,000 empty seats per home game, 41 home games. That’s 164,000 seats that need to be filled.
The Avs are about $8,000,000 under the cap for the year.
It just so happens that eight million greenbacks divided by 164,000 empty seats is $48.78. Oddly, I’m pretty sure that is EXACTLY the claimed "average" ticket price to see YOUR Colorado Avalanche (not really, that number has yet to be determined by current mathematical capabilities).
Granted, that still won’t get you a center ice seat IN THE BALCONY! But with a house discount I bet we might be able to swing it.
So…the Avs are going to “buy” 164,000 tickets for their fan base this coming season to get those attendance numbers back where they should be. Brilliant!
And why not? Sounds like a great PR move to me. Think the Avs can convince Bettman and the NHLPA that is a legit use of cap money?
I think so, but that’s just my two cents.

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