Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Salary Cap can SUCK IT!

As I was watching the banner raising ceremony for the Chicago Blackhawks I couldn’t help but think that it might be another 50ish years till they win the Cup again. And that is really sad, especially for the fans of Chicago, obviously, but for many of us as well.

The cap prevents dynasty building. And dynasties are good for the whole sport. Imagine the Oilers having to trade away Gretzky’s line mates after the first Cup? What a downer.

Sure, money CAN buy championships, but as I recall the NY Rangers were at the top of the payroll spenders in the pre-lockout times and couldn’t even get into the playoffs.

Now you have these ridiculous scenarios where the Hawks are forced to ship out half their team (mostly to Atlanta, and why isn’t THAT an investigation?) and at the other end of the spectrum the Avs are (supposedly) saving their nickels and dimes to ensure they have enough dollars in the future to sign all the young guns.

I’m surprised I didn’t see the Colorado Avalanche wearing Dollar General jerseys in the preseason.

Dynasties serve the purpose of motivating the entire league to emulate that success. It builds rivalries that are real and passionate. Not these inane attempts by the league to force rivalries via repeated meetings in the regular season.

Right now the Chicago organization can’t find enough seats for the people that want into that building. If they are making money like MIT students in Vegas then why can’t they spend it on the players they want to spend in on?

And while I certainly am not endorsing the Avs cheap, er thrifty, er brilliant er responsible…approach to the cap this season. It seems ridiculous to claim on the one hand that the league needs to get spending under control (never mind the stupidity of the owners claiming spending is out of control when they are the one’s with the checkbook) and at the same time imposing (or relenting to the NHLPA’s demands for) a salary floor. A minimum that is much higher than many teams were spending pre-lockout.

The Hawks have a target on their back this year. But it’s nothing like the Oilers after all those Cup wins. And I firmly believe that a team that is incredibly successful is a team that captures the attention of an entire nation. Unfortunately, the NHL has embraced the mediocrity that the other major sports also heartily endorse.

As for the Hawks winning the Cup again…good luck, you will need it.

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  1. Let them spend freely. I love baseball and the fact that the free spending Yankees spend so much and don't win every year. Sure they're there every year, but it is only because they can afford to deal out the dough. NHL owners are greedy, get rid of the cap and lets let teams spend what they want. If a team want to spend 100 million on a team, so be it. I wish teams like the Rangers and Leafs could spend freely again