Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Avalanche Goalie-Go-Round

by J. Scott Moore

Ever since the Avs went with Budaj/ Raycroft it’s been a joke. What you say? But Craig Anderson! Yes, yes. BUT. But, if you can be honest with yourself, that was a shot in the dark, a gamble, a roll of the dice. Ok, over doing the metaphors? It wasn’t a complete shot in the dark, maybe a shot in a dimly lit room.

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  1. The problem with the Avs is that ever since Roy, they haven't gone for a star goalie. They go for discounted goalies and hope to get lucky with them. Since Roy, not including last season when Anderson was amazing, they haven't had a goalie that could get wins when the offense is slumping. I compare the 2010-11 Avs with the Penguins. Both teams had a lot of injuries to key players, but the Penguins had a goalie that could get wins. It is time for the Avs to get serious about getting a star goalie.

  2. Well said Jeff. They Avs HAVE been trying to get lucky. Not working out so far.