Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don’t think that is a Real Sport…

by J. Scott Moore

Maybe you think that all I do is watch hockey.  I have a confession to make about Real Sports. As you may already know, I wrote about what I thought was a real sport here. I probably make it sound like if it wasn’t a real sport, that I don’t like it.

Not true. In fact I was probably hiding behind some macho BS to guard against some of the sports I do like…and don’t want anyone laughing at me for digging them.

Of course I know people laugh, my Canadian friend loves badminton and tried to tell me repeatedly how bad-ass it is. I never heard much, I was laughing too hard. Well, I’ve got a couple of those too.
He was famous for doing back flips, sans helmet

Might as well get the toughest one done first: I love figure skating. Yep. Not that ice dancing crap, but the women’s short and long programs as well as the men. Love the jumps. I think Scott Hamilton probably got me into it at some point, which shows my age. But that guy had the best foot work ever. Ever since then I have judged skater’s foot work based on him. Being a big music guy has probably led me to enjoy the choreography of the programs. To overly technical skaters don’t do it for me, give me the emotion. An emotionally charged program is always the best. Just like music, if it’s got no feeling, who cares?

Sailing. Frankly I don’t know a darn thing about it. Not even enough to really explain why it’s so exciting to me. But years ago I was on vacation in the Caribbean and had a great experience that really got me into it. We went sailing at this place that does these mock races in some of the old America’s Cup boats. You get a chance to do some simple crewing, it’s all rather fun. I’ve always loved sailing and the strategies of a race, even at my limited ability to understand, are like chess on water.

Speaking of chess. Is chess on TV? Not really. Maybe in Russia? But I do love chess; I’ve read a few books about historic figures and such. Just found a sci-fi/fantasy short story collection, all chess stories.

Well I’ve gone from sports to games. Nonetheless, it’s certainly not the rough and tumble – must have a helmet – type of stuff I was talking about earlier.

Confession time is over for me.

What’s your favorite sport that you don’t want anyone to know about? C’mon, you can tell me. Leave an anonymous comment.


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  1. Most of the off-beat sports I am into are REAL sports: Rugby (even though I don't understand it), hurling, golf.

    I'm with you on figure skating...although the fact that my daughter does it does make me a bit biased. I'm impressed with the toughness of figure skaters. At least hockey players wear pads!

    I like watching poker on TV sometimes, but I'll readily admit it's a game, not a sport.