Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smell the Glove

by J. Scott Moore

The Boston Bruins have turned the volume up to eleven.

They are taking Alex Burrows' dirty game to higher ground.  No?  Think they are being childish?  I can see that.  But I frankly think it's hilarious.  While most after-the-play scrums involve stupid hugs and lots of shoving, sticking a couple fingers in a guys face and watching him squirm uncomfortably is rather bizarre.  It gives me that awkward feeling the first couple times I watched The Office.  It's such a little thing physically but so in your face mentally.  It's bothering the Nucks as much as an actual bite, and that's the brilliant part of it.  The Bruins are so hot coming off that game that I'm afraid someone is going to spontaneously combust!


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