Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's in a Name?

by J. Scott Moore

Are the Atlanta Thrashers going to be the "Winnipeg Jets?"

We have been told by the mayor that they aren't going to be the named the Winnipeg Jets.  Much to the apparent disappointment of the Winnipeg population.

The Manitoba Moose is the well established and now homeless minor league team on the way out of town.  But True North Sports, the ownership group bringing back the NHL, has spent a lot of money and effort to market the Moose.  So why not keep the name?  It's rumored they may.

So...what's in a name ?

It's like naming a child. Harold or Albert probably aren't going to be the life of the party or the star quarterback. I knew girl in school named Bambi. That can be a tough name to live with. Or the parents can go with Joe or Mary. Plain, middle of the road name. At least that is less likely to shape your kid than an overly odd name.  Ah, but reward goes to those that risk!

But!  A name that attracts negative attention can result in a goofy kid. Kids are cruel.

Fans are too.

So what will it be? Safe middle of the road name or the go for broke or the no-chance dork name?

Just in case they need some ideas. I've got a few:
Manitoba Maulers - submitted by a loyal reader!
Manitoba Mad-hatters - kidding!
Manitoba Marauders

Oilfield angle?  Not likely with Edmonton around but there's still some possibilities:
Manitoba Jughounds - too close to Juggalos!
Manitoba Swampers

The agriculture angle:
Manitoba Turnips - there's that get-you-beat-up-at-lunch name I was taking about.  No, no more of those names.

Logging angle?
Manitoba Loggers - then you will have a bunch of Logger bloggers!

My aces are these two:
Manitoba Mounties
Manitoba True North

Unfortunately True North is also the name of the owners and of course this would appear to be self serving and out of touch.  But really, it's too bad.  I think it sounds great, it's also from a line in O Canada, "The True North strong and free."

So Mounties it is.  Better than a moose any day!

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  1. This is the same kind of thing I went through while naming my daughter. For 2 days I sat in the hospital room with my wife, mother-in-law and, of course, my daughter. I rhymed every possible name and combined every set of initials like I was 12 years old.

    I kind of like Swampers...but I'm not sure. It kinda sounds more like knee-high rubber boots than a hockey team.