Friday, August 12, 2011

Mile High Stadium, there was only One

by J. Scott Moore

Now that the Invesco name is about to be stripped off of the stadium the Denver Broncos call home, the cry for naming it Mile High is once again at a fever pitch.

Never mind that naming rights are part of the money machine that is the NFL of today.  The option to forgo naming rights just isn’t possible in this league.  But more to my point is the recycling of this name.  To me it just doesn’t make sense.  Why keep the name of the greatest stadium of all time in Denver history when in fact it is a different structure? 

If you had the best dog ever and his name was Buddy would you name every dog after that Buddy??  I don’t think so.  That was a special dog.  No other dog can replace Buddy.  Buddy was the one and only Buddy. 

New dog.  New name.

And besides, I sat in Invesco on opening night and I still remember what a let down it was. It wasn’t the same or better in any way. It was clean and concrete and sterile. Nothing like the Mile High that was now irretrievable rubble and dust. 
Mile High was gone, just like Buddy.

Mile High represents a place and time that was magic, but that’s in the past.  It should stay there in order to sanctify that time and space in Orange Crush history.

There's only one old Yeller and only one Lassie. And there's only one Mile High.  


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