Friday, November 23, 2012

The NHL/PA doesn't care about Me?!?!?

I'm under no illusion that the owners and players collectively known as the NHL/PA really care one hoot about me, the fan.  Sure, in the business sense they do, we are the consumers that make their little engine go.  But really care about us?  Naw.  Nor do I really care about them.  I couldn't care less what kind of contract structures are agreed upon.  I don't care what the HRR is or isn't, today or tomorrow.  It's all business details.  I'm in it for the game.

All the business stuff has to exist for the game to exist, I get that.  Doesn't mean I have to care.  Do you need to know exactly how a plane gets off the ground to care about where it can take you?  I'm more than happy to naively root for my favorite player on the ice and let his high paid agent worry about the fine print.  Ancillary to me.

And I have a word or two for some of the smug, snarky fans of other sports out there.  Hey, your sport isn't better than mine just because we are going through this.  I can't abide this attitude from people that declare (with nose in the air) that the NHL/PA just doesn't give a rat's ass about its fans.  Your sport has had the same battles as mine.  The results have worked out different and you should be grateful for that.  Just because your sport didn't go as far down this road as mine has means they care about their fans more?  Please spare me that truck load of manure.  The NFL & NBA settled their CBA disagreements because they were worried about your five fantasy leagues?  Hilarious!  They don't concern themselves with the fact that you are going to feel lost without your team while they dicker over more money than you will ever have.  It's not about you, it's about your money.  They care about you only in so much as you are a consumer that lines their pockets with cash.

It doesn't matter if we are talking about baseball, football, or basketball.  Big business cares about big money.  So please stop with the condescending attitude and funereal words of consolation when addressing fans of the NHL.

I bet this sport cares about the fans...if it has any...


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