Saturday, February 28, 2009

Avs Host Second Charity Event of the Season

It's nice that Stewart, McLeod and Smyth decided to show up for the game.

The rest of the team decided to take pity on the Rangers and hand them their first win under the new coach. Not to mention the charitable contribution to the Chris Drury isn't a Bust Fund. The guy breaks a 17 game drought against his former team, which might have meant something to him, if his former team had bothered to show up. They didn't.

The Altitude guys were originally told that Lappy's late game 2:00 penalty was for abuse of officials. If you saw Lappy's face tonight...well I think you know it was 2:00 for ugly mug.

Tonight, the Avs couldn't even win a fight.
On the bright side, the Wings were beaten by Nashville, 8-0, and that's an even worse beating than Lappy's face.
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