Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cuttler on the Block?

Way to go Josh McDork. If you are going to saunter into town and trade the best quarterback we've had in years...DON'T SCREW IT UP!

Never mind the fact that I would rather have Cutler than Cassel. Cassel ain't all that.

But the worst part is that McDoofus didn't get the deal done, everyone knows he tried and now he has a pissed off quarterback on his hands. There will be no trust between the two of them. And how is that a recipe for success? Remind you of the later part of the Reeves-Elway era?

So now what? Rumors are that he is still on the block, and why not? The relationship is now a mess. You almost have to trade him. Of course all the other teams know it, so the Broncos are in a position of weakness if they try to do a trade.

I will grant you this. Cutler needs to grow up. He hasn't really handled the pressures of being No. 1 as well as I thought he would. Cutler will really be tested this season by this incident. It's time to step up the maturity.
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