Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grit, Goals & Glory

The heck with the play maker! The guy I want to watch in a hockey game is Alexander Ovechkin! The other night I was watching the Washington Capitals (I mean Jose Theodore) just hand a win to the Atlanta Thrashers, and Ugly Oh! was just running around hitting people like an out of control truck! They were losing and he was pissed.
This guy LOVES to play hockey. Ovechkin will run you down, no matter who you are. He loves to score, he is a finisher. And he loves to celebrate! A jump into the glass is always appropriate!
His recent celebration of his 50th goal has attracted a lot of attention. Now, if scoring 50 goals was a common occurrence in this league, fine, make a stink of it. But it really isn't that common.
So Rick Tocchet, the interim head coach of the Lightning on the night in question has a problem with it. And Rick Tocchet says he thinks less of Ovi for this celebration? Please. So where is Ovi now Rick, above or below your bookie? Oh wait, YOU were the bookie. Give us a break Ricky. I don't see a halo over your head. You've been dismissed from coaching jobs more than once under a cloud of less than honorable situations. You left the Colorado Avalanche because of differences with the coaching staff, whatever that means. Keep your trap shut!
And what is wrong with Don Cherry (besides his wardrobe)? He is all but endorsing a contract hit on Ovechkin. Is this Grapes' idea of playing hockey like good Canadian boys, like Bertuzzi (if I must)? And Grapes isn't the only one endorsing this line of thought.
No one would stand for this sort of overt suggestion about Sidney Crosby.
Last I checked Ovechkin is playing hockey well within the rules. So he hits a few people and gets a little cocky when he scores his 50th goal. Waaaah! You're all a bunch of cry-babies!
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  1. nice post..Don Cherry is a pathetic racist!