Sunday, March 15, 2009

Random, Ridiculous Ramblings

Hot or Not, the girlfriend has spoken: Nycholat, the Avs new defenseman was interviewed before the game, the new guy is rated hot. /awkward
But more importantly, how stupid was it that the Avs traded for a guy on waivers?
So now we have a couple of Kyle Keefe and John-Micheal Liles commercials. The latest is pretty funny. Why is Keefer always the butt of the jokes? Any reference to a hot pocket is auto-funny!

So is JML's is white trash?? OMG!
Aren't the Sedin twins reducing their value by insisting on playing together? Will they manage to keep it that way their entire careers? Are the contracts written that they can't be traded singular? What an odd thing for a GM to deal with. What if one wants to retire before the other?
Alex Burrows better mark March 27th on his calender, cause somebody on the Avs will remind him not to mess with Stastny.
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