Sunday, April 5, 2009

Avs Avoid Ninth Straight Loss

There are those in the blogosphere and even in the media that will be disappointed that the Colorado Avalanche decided to show up tonight. The Vancouver Canucks have clinched a spot in the playoffs but they have every reason to keep playing hard. They need to go into the first round winning. The Avs played a good game tonight and won, decisively.
But a large portion of the fan base is rooting harder for the tanking effort than they are the guys on the Avs.
Many will try to couch their anti-winning beliefs in a discourse about the future of the team. How everything is hinged on that first pick in the draft. How this team needs to be even worse than they already are in order to bring about change.
Have you all forgotten that Joel Quenneville was fired last season after getting to the second round of the playoffs? I don't think this organization has accepted nor endorses losing. Neither should the fans.
Posted by: From the Point


  1. If Vancouver keeps playing the way they did last night, they won't stay alive past the 1st round.

  2. When your a team that is not going to make the payoffs it is especilly nice to beat a team that is.