Friday, April 3, 2009

Trading Cutler - An Analysis Part I

I believe the Denver Broncos have made a serious mistake trading Cutler. Despite his refusal to show up to optional workouts or to talk to the owner or coach, the Broncos owned him. That's how sports work. Cutler's power is really rather limited. The owners hold all the cards, and Pat Bowlen should have had the men work this out for the benefit of the team.

This is a move that may set this team back for years. How many years have the Broncos struggled after the John Elway era?


Wanna know how happy the Chicago Bears fans are to get rid of Orton? Let's look at the less than scientific, yet powerful poll numbers from the Chicago Tribune.

Aunt Pat can thank me for the Super Bowl wins later. Oh, as for Coach Quenneville? Keep him and his mustache.

The Broncos have groomed Cutler since draft day into a franchise quarterback. So to trade Cutler to another team after making such an investment, just when that investment is poised to really payoff, is foolish. It's just down right stupid. How often do franchise quarterbacks come along? Well, why don't you ask the half dozen teams that lined up for Cutler.

Apparently Orton will wear #8. Hopefully Orton is much better than Kubiak! Yes, I really said that. No disrespect intended but he was a career back-up. And Tommy Maddox! Nuff said. Or maybe Simms will be the starter. He should get booed just because of blood lines.

Is Orton related to Jake Plummer? Cause...well, you know.

On the plus side, Orton seems to be a party boy. And Denver hasn't had that kinda fun since Jose ThreeOrFour left town. Do a Google search of Orton images and he has got some pretty nice babes hangin all over him.

It's really hard to say how this will all work out. Those first round picks could turn out to be great players, or not. Some pretty average QBs have won Super Bowls, but a lot more good ones have won it! Denver clearly traded a good one for a pedestrian one.

I'll be booing Josh McDaniels on opening day, just to remind him who the real boss is on Sunday afternoons!

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  1. Not gonna like, I kind of like Coach Q's moustache...