Thursday, April 2, 2009

Perfect trade!!!!

By now we all know for a fact that the Colorado Avalanche have a serious goaltender problem. Don't get me wrong, that's not the only thing that needs fixing with this team (....Arnason). The Coyote game from last night is a good example, last time I checked, it's pretty hard to win a hockey game when you don't even score a goal. But anyways, as of right now, the Avs have two back up goalies, neither one of them has proven that they are capable of handling the #1 spot. I think they should let Budaj go because he's had more than one chance at being the go to guy and has failed every time. So the question becomes who needs a back up goalie really bad so we can unload Budaj on them. The Calgary Flames, that's who!!! As of right now, the Flames are 5th in the West with 43 wins. If you look at the goalie stats, you will see that Mikka Kiprusoff has all of those 43 wins. That means that they have a back up goalie that is 0-6-1. This to me looks like a team that could use a decent back up goalie, which is all Budaj will ever be. So I came up with the perfect scenario for a trade. We will send Peter Budaj to the Flames for a bag of pucks!

I know, I know, some people might think this is a bit ridiculous but when I was talking to From the Point this morning, he made a good point. The Avs can't let Budaj go for nothing, that would not make sense. Well, he was absolutely right so I thought real hard about what a team would actually give for Budaj and a bag of pucks is the only thing that honest to god made sense. Why would a team trade a player or a pick for Budaj?!?!?! That's just crazy talk, let 's be serious here. Peter Budaj for a dozen pucks, 12 because it just feels right, would be a great trade for both teams. Plus, a team can always use a more pucks for practice, am I right? Maybe seeing that Flames logo on those pucks will motivate them to work harder, they are a Division rival after all. With Budaj out of the picture, the Avs can start thinking about getting a real #1 goaltender and no more of the "We believe in Budaj" nonsense .

Peter Budaj for a bag of pucks, crazy or brilliant?!?!?!?!

Posted by : The shocker


  1. Clearly it is crazy-brilliant. Do you really think FG can pull it off?

  2. BRILLIANT!!! My wife and I have been thinking about a trade for a while, and you not only came up with where to trade him, but what would be a fair trade.

    You deserve a raise...

  3. Hey Mr. Budaj-hater, I am going to personally show you a bag of pucks. I am holding you responsible for anything that happens to Budaj after this season.