Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Denver Broncos Home Game "Run-Down"

Poor Jim Halpert, he doesn't know what a run-down is. Take notes my finest paper-pushing friend! Here you will find the quintessential "run-down" of what the lucky ~70,000 season ticket holders of the Denver Broncos have to look forward to this season. Sooo...here we go!!!

Sun. Aug. 30 CHICAGO INVESCO Field at Mile High 6 p.m.
This is going to be a great game. Well, for a preseason game. I will probably go hoarse booing. That's right, I pay good money to boo some of these guys in person. Josh McDaniels AND Jay Cutler will be getting a fair share. Then I'm over it and let it be forgotten. The slate will be clean and only well-deserved booing will be allowed. This should be a good preview for the two teams as the starters usually play 3/4 of the game.

Thu. Sep. 3 ARIZONA INVESCO Field at Mile High 7 p.m.
ThbpThbpThbpThbpThbp!!!! The last preseason game on a Thursday...no one cares.

Sun. Sept. 20 CLEVELAND INVESCO Field at Mile High
Home opener! This game always seems to have a great fly-over! I love the fly-overs! The crowd will be very fired up for this one, regardless of the previous week's results. Go Broncos!!

Sun. Oct. 4 DALLAS INVESCO Field at Mile High
Sun. Oct. 11 NEW ENGLAND INVESCO Field at Mile High 2:15 p.m.
These two games will undoubtedly be critical to the success of the season. If the Broncos don't come out of the gate hard, they might be able to recover at home. But these are tough games to try to 'get well' on. So they better be sportin a >.500 record already!

Mon. Nov. 9 PITTSBURGH INVESCO Field at Mile High 6:30 p.m.
Wow, a whole month between games. Two national appearances and a bye. We will really know what this team is made of by now. This is the mid-point of the season against the Super Bowl champs. I was not a happy guy the last time the Steelers came to town. Let's hope this one goes better. I really hate those stupid towels.

Sun. Nov. 22 SAN DIEGO INVESCO Field at Mile High 2:15 p.m.
Thu. Nov. 26 N.Y. GIANTS INVESCO Field at Mile High 6:20 p.m.
That is a lot of football in 4 days! WooHoo! I'm very excited to go to a Thanksgiving Day game. How cool is that? I love that it has been expanded to three games, I hate that the late one is on the NFL's stupid channel. But I'll be at this one, stuffed with turkey. This one is bound to have a good fly-over too!

Sun. Dec. 20 OAKLAND INVESCO Field at Mile High 2:05 p.m.
Raiders Suck! I bet this is the game where they hand out those awesome license plate frames.

Sun. Jan. 3 KANSAS CITY INVESCO Field at Mile High 2:15 p.m.
A regular season game in January? Weird, did this happen last year? If the wheels haven't come off the Josh-Bus by now, these last two games may be rather important. And frickin' cold!

There you go Jim. THAT is a "run-down". See you at the game!
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