Sunday, April 19, 2009

World Sport Stacking Championships

Denver is one of the nations premier sports cities! Many of us here have always known this but the rest of the country often views Denver as nothing more than an overgrown cow-town. Well you can't make that charge anymore. Not now that Denver is the host city of the 2009 WSSA World Sport Stacking Championships!!!
You doubt my sincerity? In 2006 upon the eve of ESPN's televised coverage of the sport, a representative had this to say about Sport Stacking:
"We are thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting new sport," said John Lasker, director, new media content, ESPN. "Sport stacking is something you have to see to believe, and once we saw it, we knew we wanted to share it with kids and sports fans everywhere."
Let's take a look at what appears to be a team practise:

I suspect that even back in the good old days before computers, video games and television, this 'sport' would still have evoked the old 'you should be outside getting some fresh air' stand-by used by parents since, well, television. I think I'd rather my kids were playing a video game.
Despite ESPN's gushing endorsement, I don't consider this a Real Sport.
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