Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Denver Broncos Green Zone

Yesterday was a very important day for this Denver Broncos fan. On Thursday the ticket rep called about my upgrade request. For a good five years we have been trying to move our seats into the green zone. We have been moving around from the orange zone to the yellow zone, progressing, season after season, inching our way closer and closer to the best seats in the house. But we just couldn't quite get around the corner. Until now!

Not only did the ticket rep tell me that we could move over to seats on about the 25, but they are less than 5 rows from the field! Sweet!

Isn't that right about where the cheerleaders are?? Hmmm.
Now every time we move I need to go down to Invesco Field and actually sit in the seats. Credit the Broncos staff, they expect it and do it for a lot of people every year. We season ticket holders take our seats very seriously.

While the seats are very low and there could be some difficulty seeing the plays at such a flat angle, the seats are so close to the field, I couldn't resist taking them. The action in the red zone is going to be so close! What a leap this is going to be! We've moved three sections over and nearly 25 rows down.

When my dad bought these seats he wanted to sit in the end zone. Something about really being able to see the plays develop. Or maybe it was just because they were cheaper! But over time I've decided I wanted to move to a more TV-centric angle. Considering the priority number I have, I really didn't think it would take so long to move such a short distance. Dad bought these tickets in 1963! So clearly there is still a strangle hold on the premium seats for the Broncos.
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