Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free Agency – Day One

The Colorado Avalanche remained relatively quiet on day one. That is both a good thing and a bad. With rumors again surfacing that Smyth, Hannan and even Foote are up for trade, the fact that they are still here is good. Complain all you want about those deals, at least it isn’t a 12 year deal (see Hossa), that is just crazy.

At the same time, Avs fans are looking for management to do SOMETHING to help this team improve. So far they have signed a goalie and shown more than a hand full of guys the door. Not that that is a bad thing considering some of those guys were less than successful here. But of course Lappy being one of them is not sitting well with most of us. Even Ryan is upset!

So Lappy goes the Philly for about what he was making here in Colorado. Though he signs for three years, and that was probably the sticking point. Good luck Lappy!!!

To “replace” Lappy’s toughness, the Avs signed David Koci for $575K for one year. Just by comparing PIM, I would assume that is the plan. This is not what I had in mind for today. At least sign someone that can kill penalties…or skate… Maybe he is just going straight to Erie.

So far Arnason and Raycroft are still sitting by their phones…no surprise.

Goalies and Five-Holes
Dater reported today that Ty Conklin got 3 offers! But the Avs were not one of them. That’s fine by me, the Anderson signing looks ok. But really? Three offers? The decent, but affordable goalies were snatched up pretty quickly! Biron is still sitting out there. And no one picked up Belfour? Shocking! And Khabibulin ends up getting pretty good money, $15M / 4 years.

Let the Battle of the Avalanche Goalies Begin!
Craig Anderson has signed with the Avs. I don’t see Anderson as a clear starter for the Avs, though I’m sure management sees it differently. I believe the #1 position will be Anderson’s to lose. Not what I would call a real solid move for a true starter. But, he has been playing behind some pretty good goalies, so it may be his time. I’ve thought that Biron would be a solid signing, but I’m sure Anderson was cheaper. The other interesting battle will be for the #31. They both wear the same number, and have their entire NHL career. This is going to cost someone some money or pride…or both.

Speaking of cheap, after spending very little today, what can we infer that means? Well, good luck, do you have some Tarot cards to read? It could confirm the reports that the Avs are trimming salary. Or it could mean the Avs are leaving room for both Joe Sakic and Matt Duchene to be on the roster this season. I like the second option, frankly.

Non-Avs News

Is Marian Hossa a mercenary, or what? The Wings should be glad they lost out on him, the guy is just in it for the money.

The Rangers, in a rare moment of clarity, hosed the Habs and unloaded that Gomez contract. Correction! Spoke too soon. Gaborik for $7.5M a year??? Hahahahaha! What idiots!

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  1. Good recap. I think even a disastrous camp wouldn't let Anderson lose the job though. He's been signed as a #1, and with the other goalies on the market he's as good as any of them for the price.

    I think the Avs have some addition by subtraction here. Arnason, Guite and McCormick make room for Stoa and Galiardi to come up and give it a try. The Avs are clearly going with a youth movement, and I would rather that plan than a patchwork plan.

    I'd still like to see a guy who can win some face-offs though.

  2. ...addition by subtraction...
    Agreed, this team quit, and anybody that was a part of that needs to go and some of those guys you mentioned were a part of that.
    The young guys will be motivated.