Thursday, July 2, 2009

Free Agency – Day Two

So…today…we have a lazy dog on the porch doing…nothing.
I’m a little disappointed in General Sherman. I told you that I expected you to work around the clock until July FOURTH!!! And today you did what? Sipped Arnold Palmers on the porch all day? Well, it was pretty quiet all around today. A sign of the times I suppose. And a product of the cap. Cap or no, the Rangers still manage to make stupid signings.

Can’t say I’m impressed with the rumors that the Colorado Avalanche maybe resigning Willsie. I know this is harsh but why sign up mediocrity? Didn’t the Avs just make a statement with all the guys that were let go? I am glad that a lot of players were shown the door. This team quit last year. Now, some guys are back because they still have contracts. I was not impressed with Tucker, Clark, Salei, Svatos or Wolski in the last 20 games of the season. All these guys are back. Would I trade them if I got the chance? Well, not for spite, but if it was a fair deal and filled a need, yes.

This team needs the rebuild it is getting. The rebuild that started with the coaching staff. So let’s hope Willsie is a warm body for Erie. A guy like McLeod was a good signing. Budaj was fine, I don’t think he ever quit. But neither did Lappy and now he is in Philly. But as I said before, I think it was probably the length of the contract more than anything else. Notice that the Avs have yet to sign anyone but McLeod (a known commodity) to anything more than a two year contract? They are looking down the road, past the contracts that have them tied up right now.

And the Sakic situation…? Hopefully the lazy day on the porch was really just General Sherman waiting for all the pieces to fall into place for the big announcement.

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  1. I'm ok with the Willsie signing, as long as it's for LE, and to fill in for injuries.

    If a guy like Galiardi or Stoa don't make camp, I don't want the Avs to call them up just to have them sit in the press box. Willsie is ok for that role.

  2. That's true, and now that we don't have to worry about Arny being signed for that same role...I can breathe easier.